At Community Baptist we desire, with God's help, to enable, encourage, and equip each other to be salt and light at home, in the marketplace, and to the margins.

We are passionate about two things God and people. We are incredibly thankful for God’s unconditional love and grace shown through Jesus, and we do our best to show people no matter their story this same love and grace. We aren’t perfect! So we think just about everybody will find a place in our community.

By God’s grace, Community Baptist has been striving to fulfil His purposes in Toowoomba for over  140 years. Although there have been many physical changes over time, the heartbeat of our church has always been to see disciples made in our city and in the parts of the world Jesus sends us.

We are a diverse community from many different cultures and countries. No two people are alike, with a rich variety of life experiences and backgrounds making up a true and living mosaic! We number around 450 in total. We are understated, informal, and love a good laugh. We also know when to get serious and we aren’t afraid of hard work.